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My name is Ceriza Petrescu (Zagrean) and this is my story


Since my first job in online marketing I’ve tried to keep focus on clients, their needs and finding the best way to help them. For the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs from Romania, EU and US, each time learning something new about their area or business, developing new strategies on how to make their online brands successful.

Immediately after graduation from university I started working as a junior copywriter and SEO agent at an outsourcing company founded in the United States. Here I’ve learned the basis of Search Engine Optimization, and under the guidance of skilled team leaders, developed my own ideas and writing voice.

Later on, I became co-founder and manager of the Romanian branch of SEOBPO – an outsourcing optimization and lead company.

I participated actively in the mentorship, training and management of a team of copywriters, forum specialists, bloggers, social media agents, developers and link builders. Together we developed SEO and brand strategies for international clients and websites.

Starting October 2012, I’ve opened my own Optimization Consultancy firm, here in Romania, servicing both local and international clients with partnerships including SDNI – Sacramento based company (acting as their SEO Marketing Specialist). I also developed on-going collaborations with skilled mass-copywriters, web-developers and designers, public relationship firms and freelance agents, magazine editors and PPC campaign managers.

I’m an active member in IMM Bucharest communities, as well as a passionate believer in empowering women, animal rights and sustaining young entrepreneurs.

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