When it comes to commercials and the portraying of families in advertising, you always think about smiling faces, gathered around the brand, enjoying each others company. So when you start watching the new Volkswagen ad, you immediately sense something is different.

I rarely write about ads, since the last couple of years I haven’t really exposed myself to them as much as I should (no more cable tv). But the new Sune Svanborg Sørensen and Very Agency creation touches one of those invisible cords… The one that make you remember that when it comes to family, it’s not only the good things that stay with you, but also the bad.

In this Danish ad for Volkswagen, called “Generations” we get a glimpse into the troubled adult relationship between father and son. The twist at the end it’s somewhat predictable, especially since the characters go very quickly from anger to happiness in just one scene. It’s something we could expect from a short movie, but a surprise when it comes from a brand. You can read more about it on AdWeek.