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Discover what I can do for you

Website design & development

I deliver well-built online platforms where your brand or business can shine.
Working across multiple platforms, I can build websites from the ground up, redesign existing pages or customize templates for a seamless online experience.

  • Responsive/mobile first CMS based design/redesign and development
    Whether you need an online store, a presentation website for your business, for an NGO, or a blog, I am here to create or redesign your online presence down to the smallest details.
  • HTML5 + CSS / Bootstrap custom landing pages
    If you are running a specific or targeted campaign for your brand, need a “coming soon” page, or if you are looking to implement an interface to your platform, I design and implement custom landing pages to fit every need.
  • UX research and implementation
    Besides focusing on your specific business needs, I design every website also having the end user in mind. From the way it looks and feels to all the functionalities integrated, the website is thought out to offer the best user experience.
  • Step by step guides and live tutorials at the end of project
    I make sure that, at the end of the project, you can be, if you choose so, fully independent and capable of managing your website or can upload content on your own. I provide thorough and lengthy guides and tutorials for you and your team.

Online consultancy

With over 10 years of experience, more than 240 clients from all industries and having worked with business partners in a vast array of online projects, I can offer consultancy services and recommendations to help you shape your brand and discover the best way to promote your products or services.

  • Content creation
    From website pages and blog posts to newsletters and press releases, I can recommend business partners that are ready to tackle any subject, on all industries, and offer 100% original copywriting.
  • Product / On location photography
    A great website has to have amazing images. From products to office spaces and even team pictures, I have worked with some of the best photographers on the market and can recommend professionals to fit any budget.
  • Data protection compliance (GDPR)
    I can help you navigate the intricate new data protection regulations in the EU and US and implement online resources.
  • Social media
    Social media can no longer be ignored, but it’s also a good place for brands to easily engage with their audience. Besides consultancy on how to approach the best channels for your business, I can recommend skilled content creators or ads agencies.

On-site optimization

I create and adjust any web-design projects with both the user and the search engines in mind. No matter if we build the website together or you need to upgrade an already existing webpage, I can ensure a thorough analysis and optimization process.

  • Page speed optimization
    In an ever fast-moving world, page speed is crucial to keeping clients on your website. That is why every website I design and develop goes through a series of test speeds to ensure optimal load time.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Having a background in SEO, I can optimize your online content for the best suited key words in order to meet every search engine requirement with solid success.
  • Content optimization
    Besides key-words, search engines rank and value websites by how on-site texts and images are formated. Having worked on so many projects, I can easily look over a website content and advise on how to optimize it.

Custom services

Once a website is live, I often times continue to work with clients on personalized services. From designing newsletters to offering maintenance & hosting, I have solutions to fit every budget.

  • Newsletters
    Newsletters will never go out of fashion and still remain a valuable tool to promote your business. Depending on your needs, I can advise you on newsletter creation or even design an appealing newsletter for you.
  • Maintenance
    I offer 30 days of free maintenance to ensure every project has a smooth start, but you can always opt for continuous support. This way, we make sure your website is up-to-date and secure.
  • Hosting services
    I can provide hosting solutions and packages to fit every business need.

Need something else?

Have and idea but you don’t know how to bring it online? Not sure what would be the best solution for your business? I can help you figure out exactly what is right for you!