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Some news from Google about their new search results testing, that includes a highlighted feature appearing on your website when users are taken there from a clicked search result.

Glenn Gabe, Digital Marketing Consultant at G-Squared Interactive, was the first one to announce this kinds of test on Twitter on the 23 of August, and later on Google actually confirmed that it’s really testing a new feature that will take the user directly to a highlighted are in your website, whenever the user clicks on a search result.
This could mean real trouble for websites that rely on ads for revenue, since this feature will probably make users skip ad banners and/or call to actions.

This isn’t news for AMP mobile pages, who had this feature since the start of 2018, but could mean real trouble for news websites and bloggers as well.

Some advice for business website owners would be to be very careful when adding call to action areas in their website, in relation with the most valuable content on the page (and most likely to be indexed by google).

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