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Since we all know SEO is always a changing medium, I thought creating a list of source information medias for it would be both helpful and fun.

And while in the last year, a lot of changes like Penguin or Panda have left most of the professionals scrambling to get their footing, I can’t imagine little business owners – who took it on themselves to manage their own search engine optimization campaigns and strategies – getting trough without any help. But most of the time, help is either out of their reach financially, or they just don’t know were to start (having to much information can be troublesome – especially since it can sometimes be contradictory).

So here are my top 15 choices of SEO blogs you should be reading, following on social media and interacting with in 2015:

  1. Bruce Clay – (Disclaimer: not his biggest fan – mostly because the outdated design) its a blog made to sell. It provides news and sometimes good free SEO tools, but it’s not 100% reliable when it comes to suggested strategies.
  2. Content Marketing Institute – mostly content strategies and ideas, CMI offers clean SEO news and it’s a great source of content marketing information.
  3. KISSmetrics –  metrics metrics metrics! They offer a great tool to track and optimize your digital marketing, but along the way they developed a pretty good blog too.
  4. HigherVisibility – here I found some interesting takes on the usual content (like how to let people steal your content and be happy about it). HV is one of those websites that teaches strategies and helps you set up your own SEO campaigns.
  5. Yoast – amazing tool developer who is good enough to host a blog too. I love the style of the articles, even though they are not really news or some type of insightful analysis.
  6. CopyBlogger – has a very open design and easy to read articles. It also offers a lot of how-to articles and ideas about generating content.
  7. SEOBook – while you may visit them to download the toolbars, stop by the blog too! It’s packed with interesting information about the search industry.
  8. Matt Cutts – the name says it all! Stop here if you want breakdowns on SEO and Google Algorithm news. The only problem I have with it: not updated ????
  9. Search Engine Watch – the type of articles you find here you will probably find everywhere, but it’s the way they are written that makes SEW one of my favorites information hubs.
  10. SEMRush – love them for their SEO audit tools, stay for the articles too!
  11. HubSpot – while the website offers a lot of information about businesses, web design, sales and ads, SEO has a spacial place in their hearts. With well written articles, HubSpot it’s always ready with some great advice!
  12. Search Engine Journal – the place with a million different voices and ideas. Search Engine Journal works based on contributors, while still offering news from an in-house team.
  13. Search Engine Land – One of the post popular SEO blogs out there, always first in delivering updates and news. With a good variety of subjects, it’s one of the easier ways to start reading about link building, strategies and campaign developement.
  14. Moz – Moz has been there for me, since my simple beginnings as a link builder. With insightful articles, Moz has helped many jump-start their businesses. Some of the articles are meant to be easy to read – most dedicated to small business owners, while other subjects are more advanced – for the more tech (and SEO) savvy .
  15. The Google Blog – This will never stop being the ultimate source of information for SEO. It’s not only always correct, but it can provide insights into the way people at Google think we should act online. And since they are the ones scoring our websites, we might as well listen!

Note: Although the list provides my personal choices, the ranking is based on facts, such as:

  • quality of posts ( subjective factor, but still it helps to differentiate between blogs with original content and those who just spin it)
  • popularity (social media is a key factor)
  • user interaction (comments and replies)
  • quantity of posts (distributing good content from time to time may not be enough, so I’m searching for constants)

So, did you like my list? Have anything to add? What are your personal choices when it comes to reading about SEO?

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