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It’s that time of the year again: Zilele Biz, the most powerful B2B festival in Romania will take place between 8 and 12 of November, bringing together entrepreneurs, business leaders and amazing speakers.

From Monday to Friday a true LIVE marathon will take place, broadcasted on Facebook & YouTube this time, due to the current restrictions. But as much as I would love to attend in person, it does not mean I can’t enjoy the fascinating panels from the comfort of my home. And since this will be an anniversary edition, we all can expect a full week ahead.

Here is just a quick view of the schedule:

  • Monday is Entrepreneurship Day, so the panels will explore the entrepreneurial mindset, networking in the digital age, smart capital and smart scaling, all focused on the economic reality of Romania.
  • On Tuesday, we have Innovation Day, where Romanian startups go head to head with investors, in a debate focused on remote workplace conditions and experimentation.
  • Wednesday we have Management Day, with debates that explore the trends in leadership, what are transformative managers, how we approach introspection as a rule for personal growth and how to achieve remote performance in the new hybrid work environment.
  • Thursday it’s my favorite: Marketing & Media Day. We can learn more about the most effective campaigns, the most creative strategies of the brands affected by the pandemic and about the way in which the emerging digital platforms change the brand communication.
  • Finally on Friday we meet for CSR Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn how sustainability was redefined in 2021 and what it means to approach CSR as a smart investment, how we use creativity in sustainability and what are the sustainable development goals for an involved CEO and inspired employees.

It sounds like a perfect week to me! The 20th edition of the Zilele Biz will be broadcast for free on Biz social networks, so if you want to be updated, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Youtube.

What is your favorite Zilele Biz day and will you tune in ?


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