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Gone are the days when you could just post a product on your online store and sell it. The advertising areas have multiplied, each space bringing new rules and regulations for you to keep track of. Especially when it comes to your social marketing campaigns, without a clear strategy, you are left to wonder why your competition keeps winning?

Let’s say you have me build you an online store. After a month, my part is done and the website is live and ready to sell. Now your role as store owner comes into play, and with it a test of your capabilities on how to better sell your products.

Because having a store filled with products it’s just the first step in the selling process. Next, you need to create strong marketing campaigns via social media, online press and brand awareness.  And while the latter we may discuss in another article, here we’re just going to tackle 4 things you should consider when starting your social marketing campaigns:

  1. It’s not just the website that has to be responsive. Consider making your social marketing campaigns mobile first too. So take into consideration the value of Stories (be it on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook) – right now they are considered one of the highest engagement methods in social media. Use a more personal approach to your products than when targeting social media users via ads. Make it about the experience of using your products or services and monitor the reactions of your fans in order to tweak the content accordingly.
  2. How would you feel if you would enter a store and ask a question about a product only for that question to fall on deaf ears? The same thing now applies to online stores too. If you have business social accounts, you better be ready to answer your customers questions, no matter the time. It may sound hard to do (especially if you are alone in your company) but these days, customers are used to getting information quickly via the internet, so the same applies to your products or services. You can automate some of the answers, for example on Facebook Messenger, but the main bulk of the work load is still yours. So keep in mind that some hours of your day will be dedicated to talking to people and answering your clients questions.
  3. And since we are talking about automating answers to social media messages, don’t forget there are a lot of tasks you can create in advance and schedule to be active later. Starting from the normal social posts and ending with boosted post or regular social media ads, by thinking them in advance you get a higher chance to achieve a solid strategy.
  4. Last but not least, these days you can’t make it without payed content. Ads are being pushed by the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and it looks like any business who wants to make their products or services known has to shell big money to stay in the game. At first your ad budget may be small, but the bigger your brand gets, the more you have to pay to keep your ads in the customers feeds.

These may not be the things you want to hear when starting your social marketing campaigns, but I always consider it’s better to know everything at first, then to find out once you’re already knee deep.

But what are other things you consider important when starting social marketing campaigns for your online store? Leave me a comment below and let’s share the knowledge.

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