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October just started and stores are already full of Halloween merchandise. And if you own a business, sooner or later you’re going to jump on the bandwagon and use Halloween-related items as a promotional materials: from window decorations to online website banners, the internet is full of curated lists of things you can buy to make your business more holiday-themed.

I’m also here to help and provide you with 5 Google fonts you should use on Halloween! Use them on banners, ads or landing pages and join in the holiday spirit!

  1. Rye font – this thorny styled font is perfect for big and small headers and titles. Download it here >>
  2. Mystery Quest – is a Google font that even Tim Burton would enjoy. Use it to give your web ads the perfect frightful atmosphere. Get Mystery Quest here >> 
  3. Creepster – this heavier looking font would look great on your web banners. My advice is to not over use it, since it could be quite thick. Use the font from here >> 
  4. Nosifer – with its dripping letters would look great promoting some cool beverages. Use it wisely, or else you might attract vampires to your bar.
  5. Frijole – another bolder font, perfect for short titles and sporadic use. Download it here >>

Check out the fonts in action in the gallery below:

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