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So I was talking with some of my clients these past few weeks and recommending them to venture into vlogging or video presentations for their businesses. But most were sharing the same problem: they either don’t want to appear on camera or they fear the exposure. So I’ve looked for some answers to these questions and compiled a list of 7 ways to make videos and vlogs without showing your face.

If you want to start promoting your business through videos, sometimes you might want to remain anonymous. Maybe you don’t want the exposure or you don’t think you’re good enough in front of the camera (I totally understand it btw :). No matter the reason, you shouldn’t be missing this amazing opportunity to promote your brand and business. I hope that my list will help you decide to use videos in your marketing efforts.

So here is the list of 7 ways to make videos and vlogs without showing your face:

  • Product demos and reviews – are you comfortable in showing your hands? If so, these may be the type of videos for you. Use this ideas to review products, create un-boxing videos and do a demo of your products.
  • Slides, stock Images and graphics – If you prefer to focus on narrating your videos, a good way to keep people watching is to provide a structure via presentation (PowerPoint slides), stock Images or graphics (BuzzFeed is doing a great job at this – just watch this video here).
  • Screen recordings – use software (ex: Camtasia) to record your screen and give people tutorials on how to install software, play a game or use Photoshop. Depending on your business, focus on the type of videos that will answer the FAQ on your website.
  • POV – love traveling? Just grab a GoPro and start filming! Viewers are always interested in actual seeing the places you go than just hearing about them. It works well with adventure-oriented businesses too.
  • How Tos – this is the direction most people who don’t want to show their face take. Try a how to video when you want to show how things are put together.
  • Doodles – If you are a very created and talented person you might want to try doodle videos as a way of promoting your business venture or ideas. Just use the screen recording software or focus a GoPRO on a whiteboard.

Hope my list helps you if you decide to start a vlog or just use video as a promotion tool.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

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