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Summer is going away and I can’t honestly say I remember doing anything but working. Since, you know, the pandemic has crossed off of everybody’s lists: events, holidays, music festivals, vacations abroad, going out with friends and so on. Barely managed to enjoy a couple of days by the seaside, with all the necessary safety precautions. So, I’m now looking forward to autumn and, hopefully, new measures to fight the virus, but also to restart the economy. And, even though a lot of business events I usually attended all throughout September until December are now online, I still definitely highly recommend them. 

So if you are a business owner or a marcom professional, here’s 6 business events you should add to your calendar. 

Business events dedicated to branding and marcom professionals

  1. BIZ BrandRo, 9th of September – an anual BIZ event, BrandRO looks at the evolution and revolution of branding at a local and global level. It also presents all the best Romanian brands, their success stories and relevant case studies. The conference is dedicated to branding and marketing professionals, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs and media representatives. More about the event here>>
  2. Best Marketing Cluj 2020, 14th of September – This is one of those business events you definitely shouldn’t be missing, especially if you are a marcom professional based in Cluj. BIZ aims to decipher the new face of marketing, see what has changed and what is the new paradigm that communication professionals must adapt to in order to meet the demands of hyper-connected consumers, born in the age of speed. Check out updates on the conference here>>
  3. Brand Minds , 25-27th of September – this event definitely needs no presentation. Reuniting some of the most famous and biggest minds in marketing and thinking, all on one stage, Brand Minds is a must attend. Although this year the event will be hosted exclusively online, the organizers promise the same experience in 3 days full of valuable talk and idea sharing. Check out more about the speakers on their Facebook page.  


Women leadership is the highlight of September business events

  1. Forbes Woman Summit 2020, 17th of September – At its 3rd edition, the summit is dedicated to highlighting successful women professionals who have changed, for the better, the face of the Romanian business environment and society. In one of the few large business events dedicated to women, Forbes brings together some of the most representative female voices in education, finance, diplomacy and NGOs to talk about leadership and entrepreneurship. More details on the dedicated event Facebook page .
  2. Digital Divas Conference , 18th of September – The conference is an unique event dedicated to online content creators, aimed at providing inspiration, best practices and success stories. Digital Divas will be bringing on stage renowned specialists and interesting names from online, while also rewarding some of the most creative women and men content creators in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Click attend here >> 


The most expected business event for online professionals – Webstock – is ON for September

Webstock , 8-9th of October – Last, but definitely not least, Evensys will be hosting their famous annual conference dedicated to social media and online professionals in October. I’m genuinely sorry this won’t be happening offline, since the energy of the conference each year has been terrific. Nonetheless, it’s still the most important event for the industry and you should make sure to clear your schedule to be able to attend it, even online. I’m also looking forward to seeing which online projects will be taking home prizes from Webstock Awards. Follow updates on their Facebook page

Of course, as you might have noticed, these events are taking place in September and the first half of October, so there are many others to look forward to. If you find out about other business events happening this autumn, be sure to drop a link in the comments so that I can update the list. 

Image by Jonas Jacobsson.

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