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Organized by Evensys, Back to Business Virtual Summit 2020 is going to definitely be one of the largest online events addressed to the marketing and communication communities, as well as to the Romanian business sector. Lasting from June 29th to July 1st, it will aim to provide companies and agencies with new tactics to adapt to the current market challenges and changes in consumer behavior.

In order to give us an experience as close as possible to offline events, the 3-day conference will include: stage sessions and presentations, questions from the “room” or, better said, from home and from the office. But also a day with 8 webinars held by renowned marketing agencies.

DAY 1 Back to Business Virtual Summit | Advertising, Marketing & Interactive Day | June 29

The first day will bring together renowned marketing specialists. They will demonstrate the key role advertising, brand management and digital play in regaining consumer confidence and relaunching business. This day is aimed at brands active in highly competitive markets. But also to the companies that have stopped their activity and now need to relaunch their business. At the same time, it is useful for agencies that need to better understand consumer expectations in order to create suitable strategies for their clients.

DAY 2 Back to Business Virtual Summit | Social Networks, Community & Public Relations Day | 30th of June

The second day of the event brings together a series of presentations held by practitioners in Public Relations and Social Media, content creators and brands that have active communities. It is also a day dedicated to companies that reach large audiences and have many employees, brands that are active in social media. It is not to be missed by organizations of any kind that understand the importance of groups of people with common interests.

DAY 3 Back to Business Virtual Summit | Online Marketing & Social Media Workshops Day | 1st of July

The third day is reserved for a series of webinars held by renowned marketing companies. They are mainly aimed at companies involved in online commerce. But, they are also useful for brands that make a direct connection between social media and sales and companies that want to optimize their digital marketing budget during this period.

The full list of renowned speakers present at the event can be found here >

You can attend Back to Business Virtual Summit for free, just register on I will definitely be there, let me know if we’ll be meeting online! 


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