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As one of the biggest fans of Impact Hub Bucharest, and the whole HUB idea, I’m always happy to announce their news workshops and seminars. And the next one really deserves your attention: the Hubcelerator – an amazing way to power up your startup.

Opening a new business can be the most challenging thing you may do in this life, especially in Romania. There are so many things to consider, even before you can voice your idea:

  • will my idea work?
  • will people be interested in it?
  • can I make enough money out of this?
  • will I be able to do it on my own?
  • do I have the money to start building on my plans?
  • is this legal? ????
  • what documents do I need?
  • am I the only one thinking about this?

and the list can go on forever.

Voicing, planing and testing our ideas are the first steps in building a sustainable startup. That is why the Impact HUB Bucharest team prepared this new program: HUBCELERATOR.

It is specially designed to facilitate impact-driven entrepreneurs to accelerate their business from the stage of idea formation or start-up initiative to a market validated business model. During the course of 10 weeks, people participating will be given the tools, location and mentorship to become startup superheroes.

There will be a selection process, so be sure to apply between 10 and 30 of September. You can test any business model: be it a non-profits, for-profits or hybrid business model.

Learn more about the mentors, program overview and success stories from the Hubcelerator page on Impact HUB Bucharest website.

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