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Finally, summer is here! While we are changing outfits our businesses too must adapt their websites and offline branding to reflect the season. And what better way to do it than adding some fun and colourful summer themed icons! 

It’s a great way to improve your promotional materials, while still keeping the same tone of voice your users have been accustomed to. Today’s article is here to help you use graphic design and especially icons, to your advantage. 

But what are icons?

Icons are everywhere. They can be found on road signs, maps, and anywhere else where words can’t keep up. Icons have become especially important in the digital age, and there aren’t many websites, apps, or software that don’t make use of at least a few of them.

By definition, an icon is a visual representation of an object, action, or idea. Some are so powerful and universal that we recognise them as representing a brand, product, or message without even having to say anything. 

Why use icons?

When it comes to brands, the use of icons has a lot of advantages. The main feature is that they represent a common visual language that effectively bridges communication  gaps. Icons can also help your business increase visual interest and capture the user’s attention. Moreover, by using icons you can quickly communicate an idea with fewer words, saving you precious space on printed or online banners. 

Remember: Icons should always have a strong meaning, reinforcing what words cannot express.

On the other hand, icons became a familiar design pattern for users of any applications. When used correctly, icons can improve usability, make things easier to remember, and improve the design of websites or software.

If it takes more than five seconds to come up with an appropriate icon for something, that icon will probably be unfamiliar and will be ineffective in communicating its meaning. If that object or action is not clear to users, the icon immediately loses its practical value and becomes visual noise. This means that users won’t understand what will happen when they click it.

Remember: Icons should enhance rather than complicate the user experience on your website. Keep in mind that while icons can and should be creative, they must also be functional.

What are icons packages? 

An icon package is a group of icons that are designed to create visual unity in a project. They make an interface more harmonious and easier to use. 

Not all icon packs are of the same quality. Using a poorly designed icon pack reduces your project’s overall usability and aesthetic. You must understand the fundamentals of icon packages design if you want to be sure you’re using or purchasing a good icon library. 

The fundamentals of icons packages design

  • Geometry – perfect shapes such as squares and circles.
  • Unity – all of the lines should be the same weight, with the same edge style and color scheme.
  • Contrast – the design elements are distinct and nothing blends together.
  • Minimalism – icons should have enough details to be recognized.
  • Size – icons should be at the same size and have the same color saturation. Also, icons must be visible even at small sizes.

Remember: When selecting an icon pack for your design, keep styles consistent, stick to universal symbols, and ensure that each icon serves a purpose.

Best summer themed icons packages

Now that we know what icons are and how to use them in packages, here are some of my favorites summer themed icons packages of 2022. I’ve chosen for you a list that will give your designs a unique and original look. So, bring your lemonade and start planning your summer projects!

Free & Paid summer themed icons packages

  1. Outline web icon set on Shutterstock
  2. Flat summer icon set on Adobe Stock
  3. Free 17 Summer pastel icons on Iconfinder
  4. Premium 30 Minimalist summer icons on Freepik
  5. 30 summer icon packs on IconScout
  6. Summer Vacation set on Vecteezy
  7. Beach Icon pack on Flaticon

Remember:The icons you choose for your projects will say a lot about your brand, so select a style that matches your brand’s personality!  

Do you have a favorite summer themed icons package?

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