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The conference season is in full bloom, so here is another one you should attend: BrandRO – on 18 September. The event is dedicated to all marketing & branding experts, as well as entrepreneurs and company managers. If you want to find out more about the evolution of Romanian brands, BrandRO should be your first stop.

Creating a difference between you and so many other companies selling the same products or services has become an imperative task for the marketing and PR department. And it’s not just logos and slogans any more! Branding is now defined with the help of the following elements:

  • Key colors – your own corporate color palette;
  • Corporate typefaces – selected fonts used in emails, promotional materials, etc;
  • Logo and watermarks – and the variations of such elements, depending on what background colors are used;
  • Consistent style of emails and other materials – using the same settings, backgrounds or image shapes can define your correspondence and separate you from the crowd;
  • Business cards – reflecting the quality of your work trough the materials used on your cards can be a much appreciated plus;
  • Workplace environment;
  • Social media presence and customer service;

With more and more companies, big and small, focusing their attention on branding – as a primary component of the business strategy, a conference like BrandRO, targeted at the rise and fall of such endeavors is more than welcome on the Romanian market.

So, if you decide to spend half of your Friday surrounded by amazing people and good topics of conversation, join me on the 18 of September, at the GALATECA Gallery in Bucharest.

BrandRO also offers a unique look at the top 100 most powerful Romanian Brands, selection being based on a study by Unlock Market Research. You can also order the BrandRO book (2015 edition) from the Biz Magazin website.

You can attend BrandRO Conference for free, by signing up on their website. Click here for more information.

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