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Digital Divas is one of the most important events dedicated to Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle content creators. Although the pandemic brought about many restrictions, which initially caused for the event to be postponed, the Evensys team did not give up on the idea and set up the Digital Divas Conference 2020 in an interesting hybrid online version.

The event was moderated by Cristian Manafu, and among those who took the stage were online specialists, but also public figures, such as: Simona Halep, Andreea Esca, Melania Medeleanu, Dana Rogoz, Ana Morodan, Andreea Balaban, Sânziana Negru, Ana Nicolae, Alexia Eram, Gabriela Atanasov, Ioana Mârzac-Sigarteu, Laura Savu, Diana Cosmin, Vicki Nicola and Ovidiu Mureșanu.

1. Content creators should always focus on offering their communities quality information.

Often, the most well-known content creators are followed by tens or hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of followers. Under these conditions, you have to provide really interesting information without repeating yourself and becoming redundant. In order to do so, all the content creators present at Digital Divas 2020 mentioned you have to always be curious, research and invest in gaining as much knowledge as possible in the area of your interest.

2. They have a real connection with their audience and are capable of humanizing the brands they represent

Lately, content creators have been increasingly more involved in campaigns dedicated to promoting products and companies. When the latter struggled to adapt, finding themselves unable to reach their audiences directly, influencers saved the day. They transmitted the messages of the brands in a much warmer tone, more clearly and in a personalized manner so that everyone would understand. That is what it’s crucial for content creators to forge a connection with their audience and, even when promoting a product, stay true to that connection and be honest.

3. They understand what their audience wants and how they react, even to negative comments

A content creator with a loyal fan base knows his audience better than anyone. That is why all the speakers at Digital Divas 2020 pointed out how important it is for a creator to have the ability to adapt any brief in order to authentically communicate a message, even if it is an advertisement.

On the other hand, online bullying will not go away any time soon. But to survive in an industry filled with negative comments, as is the case with Beauty and Lifestyle, a content creator must manage his community tactfully, but firmly.

4. They use their influence for good: to discuss complex topics, encourage positive behaviors and to educate

Although they focus on the beauty industry or talk about a certain lifestyle, content creators who are really successful, offer more than that. As Andreea Esca and Diana Cosmin (Fine Society) pointed out during Digital Divas 2020, the glamor industry and complex subjects are not mutually exclusive. Influencers can use their platform to bring about real change in society, to mobilize certain resources.

As Gabriela Atanasov pointed out, when you enjoy a certain notoriety you have to give something back, more than inspiration. Because Instagram, for example, beyond visual content and storytelling, can say something about the socio-cultural context in which we live.

5. They are entrepreneurs and have a business strategy

All the speakers at Digital Divas 2020 underlined how crucial it is to treat content creation as a full on business. It requires a lot of material resources, as well as time and energy, from those who do their job properly. Therefore, it is only natural for a professional to want to convert their investment and creativity into a profitable business. That is why they have an actual business plan, strategic objectives, some even have collaborators or employees to help them deliver the best content possible to their audiences.

Although I must admit I missed being present in the conference room at Digital Divas, I was happy that the event was not canceled and, instead, broadcasted online. I really think it provided a great deal of valuable tips for content creators in the industry, especially in such problematic times, when everybody had to reinvent themselves. What were some of the ideas you took away from the event? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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