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In 2013 I became a member of  Impact HUB Bucharest. It was the best decision of that year and since then, no day has passed when I do not feel proud to be part of their family. Innovative projects that arise in this HUB are always greeted with support from other members, regardless of their area of business.

Constructive feedback is guaranteed, while the Christmas and Easter parties are better than in any corporation ???? I am fond of all those who are part of the HUB’s team: those who help us every day to grow our own businesses and ideas, the ones who connect us with suppliers or trustworthy business partners and last but not least, the ones that provide resources and events.

Today I had the pleasure to witness the launch of a brand new Impact Hub project: Supported by ING Bank, the platform is intended to be educational one, addressed to Romanian entrepreneurs and those who want to start on this road. The platform provides all the resources necessary to launch and develop a business.

Starting from the three pillars of the project – learning, testing and funding – Startarium provide a full list of facilities:

  • the video area – with useful clips (in Romanian and English) on topics of interest to entrepreneurs;
  • the articles area – where experienced entrepreneurs share resources and ideas;
  • the events area;
  • the Startarium Laboratory – an interactive and collaborative work environment where you can build your business model along with other partners, colleagues or friends;
  • the mentors area;
  • Startarium Pitch Day – an event dedicated to start-ups with total prizes worth 100,000 euros;
  • the crowdfunding area.

You can enter Startarium directly or you can visit their Facebook page for more details.

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