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It’s never to late to start promoting your content on #socialmedia. It’s easy, fun and if you are smart – cheap. You don’t need big social budgets in order to get the most out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. You just need the knowledge, and in this day and age, that’s actually pretty easy to find. You can actually start here!

  1. First thing you need to do is create a business blog – it doesn’t matter if you’re running a cupcake business, a psychotherapy office or selling 3D printed dresses, a blog can help promote your business in ways ads can never do. Did you know that companies that blog have 80% more new visits on their website? And that businesses with over 200 total blog posts got 6 times more traffic than those with under 20 blog posts?
  2. Learn how and what to share and where – here comes the tricky part. You have your blog post, you have your social media accounts, but is it wise just to start throwing links here and there? That’s probably not the best idea. You should consider who is your target audience, when are they online, and where will hey interact best with your content.

After you figured this basic steps in sharing content, you should focus on the most advanced strategies.

  • Mention people that were cited or had their opinions analysed in your blog post – start by using EGO Bait, luring them in with @mentions or #hashtags. Once they will see it, there is a possibility they will share & spark a conversation.
  • Re-tweet and thank everyone that helps – if they share your post, thank them. It will go a long long way!
  • Co-author posts = this can be simple if you have friends in the industry, willing to help you launch your product or business. It’s better to show your post to double the amount of followers, right?
  • Piggyback on popular posts – by explaining a different view of things, or simply writing your own take on a story, you can interact with bigger pages, who have loads of followers.
  • Use charts to display content – since there is a 175% more likely chance for this type of content to be shared.
  • Use questions in your titles – bait people in by asking a question from the start and providing an extensive answer in your post.
  •  Ask for participation – ask directly on social media if people know more about the subject you detailed in your post. Most are more then willing to give a helping hand in you comments section.

These are just a few ideas on how to expand your social media influence by promoting your posts – the right way. Let me know if you have different strategies that work.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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