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Do you have an important goal you keep postponing each and every day? Something that no matter how important it is, you always find a way to delay? Well, Impact HUB Bucharest has started a program just for such an ocasion: to help you GET **** DONE!

The Get **** Done Week is the Impact Hub program that gives you the discipline and focus to do that one thing that always goes into the “maybe tomorrow” box no matter how hard you try. At the beginning of the program you set the goal, than, you spend your entire week working on THAT GOAL, exclusively.

All the other members committed to the program work on their respective 1 GOAL exclusively from the Get **** Done table, a dedicated and creative corner in the Impact Hub Bucharest co-working space. Each day they have help in determinate their goals and how much they achieve. They meet before everyone else shows up to plan the day, order in lunch, and close the week with a “Got this **** Done” Beer.

They also have access to all the Impact HUB Bucharest facilities, as well as:

  • a whole bunch of office tools to match the desk
  • one planning session before the week starts
  • week plan template
  • personal planning board
  • daily objective review
  • a dedicated mentor during the program
  • a community of interesting people with different skills
  • group support
  • goal getting support
  • focused working environment for 1 week

The program lasts for full 5 days, Monday to Friday and everything is included in the fee, except the lunch cost. The Get **** Done Week experience costs 300 lei, with everything included. Existing Impact Hub Members can join the program for 150 lei. To enlist click the following link>.

Can you face your biggest goal and get *** done? What are the other things you keep postponing? 

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