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Email marketing is still a powerful tool but the practice of sending really good ones may be lost to some companies. That is way they always complain about the reading and opening numbers being very low. Email marketing is not a tool you should give up when you see the message is not reaching its target. Instead, follow these simple rules and make your email campaign get opened first!

Sorting trough spam to get to those email you love, the ones that truly provide valuable information has become so time consuming, that it is easier just to delete them all. This type of behavior, generates a lot of frustration with email marketing campaign managers, since their job depends on not only creating the message, but also delivering it and making it heard.

If you are an email marketing specialist, then you know the simplest answer is to keep your readers interested. Here are five steps to get your emails opened:

  • focus on your readers and tailor the email content to their needs;
  • remember why they enrolled into your mail list in the first place and provide the information they hoped to gain;
  • learn what your customer wants;
  • don’t over sell it;
  • be open to feedback and stay in touch.

The following infographic from tells the story in a graphic and easy to remember way!

5 Ways To Get Your Email Opened First

Photo by on Unsplash

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