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On 22 of November, 10 of the most promising Romanian social impact businesses attended the pitch session organized by Chivas Regal, in the local semifinal of the second edition of The Venture competition. The Pitch Session held in Bucharest, had all of the 10 entrepreneurs present to the jury the ingenious solutions they offer through their businesses for various social needs, implemented both locally and globally.

Of the 10 projects, five businesses were selected by the jury to go ahead in the race for a place in the final of The Global Venture, namely:

  • Axosuits, a medical device that helps people with mobility problems to move without a wheelchair;
  • Re.Flex, a start-up that offers patients ongoing assistance in the process of physical recovery, using a system based on sensors;
  • SOWAT, transportable filtration station that solves the problem of access to drinking water in disadvantaged communities;
  • Urad Monitor, a device that measures the air quality and pollution levels in the atmosphere;
  • MIRA Rehab, a Microsoft Kinect platform based medicine that attempts to simplify the process of physical recovery using video games;

More information about The Venture finalists and the pitch session here:

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