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In the past year, video blogging, or vlogging as it is usually called, has gained tones of momentum. Videos on Facebook or YouTube (the home of video bloggers) are a very good way to make people hear your message, learn how to use your product or just talk about their day. It helps big and small companies sell and respond to feedback. And they could make you famous all over the world – especially if you are targeted on travel or fashion. But starting has always been the hardest step.

So I’ve complied a guide to get you trough starting your own vlog. Let’s get started!

  1. Focus on your subject – when deciding you want to start producing any kind of materials on a regular basis you have to find a subject you are good at. It can be talking about your experiences, your day, the business you run or products you like, and the list could go on forever. Just decide on one niche and plan at least 5 posts ahead.
  2. Get the equipment – A clear camera will maintain your video quality and a decent one will help with the sound. There are various vlog-specific products out there such as the Sony Vloggie or Flip Camera, but at the beginning you can use a DSLR or even your phone (if the light in the room is bright).
  1. Start filming – Don’t postpone until the end of days! Just start shooting a couple of takes and see what makes you feel more relaxed, what scenario fits you better.
  2. Editing can be fun – After you finish filming you probably want to do some editing before upload. So take your time and apply the finishing touches, cuts and effects needed, to make your video stand out. Use programs like Sony Vegas or iMovie to edit your materials, without needing special training in post-production.
  3. Upload and share – best place to start is YouTube – just make an account (or like it to your Google mail) and upload the movie. Don’t forget to give it a good title! After the upload is done, share the link on your business page or facebook account. There are also other social networks where you can raise awareness (like cutting a 15 second video and posting it on Instagram).
  4. Monitor and monetize – Follow your analytics and see your progress each day. Learn from user feedback what kind of changes can you make to future materials and if you get enough views, YouTube may ask you if you want to monetize your videos.

That’s it! It’s quite simple when you break it down, right?

Let me know if you have started your own vlog recently and if any of the elements in the list above helped.

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

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