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If you are like me – an avid internet consumer, you end up browsing the internet several hours a day, every day. I do it, of course, mostly because of the nature of the services I provide to my clients. But, I also like staying up to date with the online industry, I read general and business news, and I enjoy the occasional small guilty pleasure of a beauty product review or celebrity gossip. I also exchange with my friends in our online groups roughly 20 links/day to a whole range of articles, from every area of interest you can think of. 

That being said, I decided I should also share with you some of the more interesting and useful articles I come across. I’ll divide them into more specific areas, so that you can skip what doesn’t interest you. For now, it’s going to be a monthly article, and I’ll publish it towards the end of every month.

Social media

  • SM Strategies for Generation Z – Step aside Millennials, Generation Z is coming into its own and it’s time for marketers to start building meaningful SM strategies for them. As the article mentions, only in the US, Gen Z accounts for $44 billion in purchasing power and they devote almost  75% of their free time online! Some of the advice includes being socially responsible, adopting a mobile-first strategy or using influencer marketing. You can read more here.
  • Facebook testing hiding like counts – Could this be the end of the Like Era? Who knows, hopefully. After rolling out similar tests on Instagram, Facebook follows suit and hopes to improve user experience, reduce herd mentality and discourage envy. We’ll see how this plays out. Read the full article here.


  • How does Google Local Algorithm work? – If you are a local business and what to know how Google ranks local search results, you have to watch this video presentation from SEO specialist Joy Hawkins. It’s important to see how proximity, prominence, and relevance fuel the local search algorithm and what you can do as a business to rank higher. 


  • A look at WordPress’s new core theme, Twenty Twenty – Curious to see what the new WordPress core theme brings to the table? Then this article is for you. At a first glance, it seems easy-to-use, has a lot of custom features and options, comes with a bold design and it’s a welcomed change of design direction. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to play with it and see what it can actually do. 


  • Win an 120.000 euro funding for your startup – The startup competition Startarium PichDay has opened its gates once again for the fourth year in a row. Not just a competition, Startarium PitchDay offers learning opportunities, quality networking and business coaching. Find out more details and how to apply for it here.
  • Entrepreneurship advice from Peaky Blinders – The internet has been truly going crazy over this Netflix series and, probably, for good reasons. Besides the intriguing action, it seems entrepreneurs can actually apply some of the main character’s punchline advice in real life. It’s really a cool read.

What are some interesting articles you have read this month? Let me know in the comment section below! 

Photo by John Schnobrich 

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