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In our line of work, being the most creative person will give you the edge you need to land that promotion, or the job, or sign that new customer. Creativity is now a job requirement and it’s here to stay as long as marketing and sales will drive our income. But do you know how to remain creative even after years of working in draining fields like marketing, advertising or PR?

Here are a few steps in staying creative every day:

  • make lists with your tasks and ideas;
  • always carry a notebook ( be it paper or the digital version);
  • try free writing;
  • from time to time get away from your computer;
  • quit beating yourself up for mistakes that you can’t undo (and even worse: mistakes your colleagues made);
  • take breaks to clear your mind and move around;
  • drink coffee (responsibly;));
  • listen to new music from time to time;
  • surround yourself with other creative people;
  • get feedback on your ideas;

For more ideas on how to stay creative watch the following video. Enjoy!

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