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More and more people are searching online for medical advice, some skipping visits to the doctors altogether in favor of social media or medical websites results. This next infographic shows the impact of social media medical recommendations on our generation.

I remember the first episode of “House M.D.”. Hugh Laurie had a discussion with a patient about using WEB M.D to self-diagnose and it was really funny but also a kind of wake-up call to the society in which we are living.

People stop visiting doctors for many reasons, but the most important I would like to note are lack of time and/or lack of money. Other times we self diagnose because we feel the issue can be treated by natural remedies and not pharmaceutical products. Or just think that people experiencing similar situations will have more input than the ones who just learn about it from books.

But no matter the reason, the next infographic powered by The Health Experience Project will show just how much we based our medical decisions on social media.

Featured Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

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