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I’ve talked before about how Canva is one of the best graphic design tools out there, for small businesses that want to manage their own social media accounts. Especially when it comes to Instagram stories, Canva is an amazing asset if you don’t have access to a well-established designer, but you want content that will pop and attract customers.

And with Valentine’s Day approaching I thought it would be nice to show you my favorite insta story templates that you too can use in your social campaigns.

Do brands really need Instagram?

In 2021 there were reportedly 1 billion active Instagram accounts with over 500 million of them active everyday. So it’s no wonder Instagram has become the go-to platform when it comes to selling or promoting your products.

Focusing on images and videos, Instagram can show its users tones of products in a very short timespan. While influencer accounts push brand content further than ever before. And if you have an online store, linking the products to your Instagram account has become the norm.

But with the increased dependence brands have on the social media platform, marketing teams have to create content at a very fast pace. So tools like Canva are a great solution. They provide free or premium templates that you can edit and align to your brand image. Here are 10 insta story templates from Canva especially made for Valentine’s.

10 instagram stories templates from Canva – Valentines Day edition

  1.  I’m DONUTS For You! by Amanda
  2. Cream Scrapbook Photo Collage Valentine’s Day
  3. Modern Cute Pink Red Love Heart Valentine’s Day Sale
  4. Red Modern Background Shop Valentine’s Day by Social Assumptions
  5. Red and Pink Organic Illustrative Valentine’s Day Menu
  6. Happy valentine cake minimalis by  Valentina Karisma RF
  7. Green Pastel Simple Minimalist Happy Valentine by STEFANI
  8. Beige Valentine Special Promo by Pulpen
  9. Pink and White Illustration Doodle by Dedoci Studio
  10. Brown and Dark Green Aesthetic Valentine Day

Image by syifa5610 

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