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These days, I open almost half of the emails I receive trough my phone. And I’m surely not the only one. But the frustrating thing is that not all of these emails (be it work or spam related) are optimized for small screens.

Being a strong believer and a trend ambassador for responsive designs, I found out – almost 80% non-optimized emails are deleted. Moreover, 30% of readers will unsubscribe after just one of these messages. So I can understand the frustration of small business owners that have issues with getting their message trough.

But sending a better email is as easy as 1,2,3 when following these mobile email best practices:

  • providing solid content;
  • easy on the eyes, clean design;
  • highlight only the most important information;
  • always provide a company logo;
  • use big action buttons;
  • use responsive designs for email marketing campaigns (ex: mailchimp).

The infographic below will provide more info on how to fit your email content to a small screen.


Mobile Email Best Practices

source: Bridg

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