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A recent study found that in June, more than 50% of Google searches ended without clicks to other content, meaning users are not clicking trough to the results shown, be it organic or paid results. This clearly signifies the beginning of a trend that will leave businesses and other publishers without a clear path to their audiences.

Most of us already know that “zero-click searches” have been on the rise since 2016, but seeing the rapid rhythm that it took on in the last couple of months has left experts denouncing Google for anti-competitive behavior.

The most recent studies show that last June 50.33% of Google searches ended without users clicking on organic or paid search results. We can compare these numbers with the ones from the first quarter of the year, when it was found that 49% of searches ended without clicks.

Still, there is a silver lining to this worrying trend: using Google rich information you can gain brand recognition and familiarity, even if there are no clicks to your website. This means providing answers to the most important information in your filed, and using the rich information modules as another type of billboard, promoting your brand.

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