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Did you know that as a consumer in the EU, you will throw away 160 kg of packaging waste this year- and about 19% of it is plastic?

Plastic is definitely one of the most fantastic breakthroughs in history through its flexibility, resistance, low weight and cost, but these qualities are now turning against us through their environmental impact.

If you want to understand what we need to do to start a plastic fantastic revolution in dealing with the consequences of our consumer choices, join my friends at Impact HUB Bucharest for the next Hub Talks, 

Topics to be covered during the event

  • What are the challenges of tackling plastic packaging waste;
  • Where are we failing – and why;
  • How can even small innovation lead to big impact and less waste;
  • How can you contribute your skills and ideas through the Plastic Fantastic Challenge to do more than just lowering your own footprint;


Anda Copaceanu is the Head of PR and Communication for the recycling company Green Group. Green Group is the first waste recycling integrated park from Romania, joining 5 companies specialized in turning specific types of waste into secondary raw material through the work of over 1200 employees using modern technology in workstations in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Germany.


Dana Dobrescu is the Communications Manager for Unilever South Central Europe, one of the biggest global producers of fast moving consumer goods. With a complex sustainability strategy, Unilever aims to reduce its footprint with 50% by 2020 and boasts several success stories in transforming apparently small product innovations into impressive savings in resources and waste. 2 billion Unilever products are used worldwide, every day.


This event is open & free to everyone, so be sure to fill in the form here>.

Photo by tanvi sharma on Unsplash

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