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One of my favorite words this year (an last year) is RESPONSIVE! And apparently I’m not the only one hyped about it. The web design world it’s finally beginning to take notice of our optimization efforts, helping us get important information to multiple devices.

Most people consider responsive a hype that will pass with time, but I am a strong believer that in fact, responsive websites will become the norm for all web developers. It is simply the only way to make your website available to users, no matter the type of device used (phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet).

Listed below are some of the myths about responsiveness, solved and explained by the following infographic.

  • a responsive design will make the website go over budget – False! Only 14% of responsive-designed website cost more then planed.
  • people will get tired of using phones for visiting websites – False! Studies show that now, 29% of internet users go online using their phones and more than 50% of mobile consumers have one phone.
  • we can just add a mobile interface to our website and clients will not know the difference – False! 61% of users will leave the website if it’s not easy to use (and most mobile-themes don’t read like the original website).
Why Responsive Website worth the hype! - Stats Infographic

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