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Robert Katai, founder of Romanian brand Instagramology, has recently posted this comprehensive infographic on his website, presenting valuable information about the Instagram users of Romania, the most followed accounts, most used hashtags and the best places to instagram in Bucharest.

For those not fluent in Romanian, here is the translation of Roberts’ report, based on Zelist monitoring resources:

  • The most liked pages list is lead by two well know singers: •AntoniA• (with 17241 likes) and INNA (with 16767 likes), closely followed by I’m just me (with 2958 likes);
  • Top 3 most liked videos on Instagram has again Antonia and Inna in the lead, followed by another singer smiley_omul, each with 9886, 9736 and 2263 likes;
  • From the total number of Romanian instagram users – 87.553, in march 2014 only 37.317 were active;
  • A rough number of image posted was around 500.000, while videos – just around 15.000;
  • Liking is apparently a thing that we like here in Romania, being the easiest and fastest interaction available. This march the number reaching 12.946.811 for pics and 550.768 for videos;
  • Also, the number of comments posted: 542.095;

Most used #hastags were: #love, #spring, #happy and #instagood. While Bucharest proving itself the leading city for insta-check-ins.

Below, I’ve shared the full infographic – full credits going to Robert Katai.

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