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I’ve been recently working on some ideas for a printing broker agency here in Romania and in my research I’ve found a lot of interesting things about the printing business and colors. But the most important subject, that most of my clients will probably relate to will be about color theory.

Each website is unique: interesting design, good copy and brilliant display can’t show their true nature without color. Colors are the elements that make our website standout or fade away.

The way we use color in the branding of our products or services will distance us from our competitors. Colors make the difference between being noticed and never being remembered.

So, that is why I want to present to you this awesome infographic about color theory. It states that the most vital rules, or as the Designmantic team puts it – 10 commandments – are:

  1. knowing the color wheel;
  2. matching colors;
  3. clashing colors;
  4. splitting the contrast;
  5. using double complementary colors;
  6. using the triad of different hues;
  7. using monochrome;
  8. using achromatic in specific designs ;
  9. using tint, hue, shades and tones;
  10. knowing the difference between RGB, CMYK and PANTONE.

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