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In their recent study “State of SEO: Exploring SEO fears and predictions”, Best SEO Companies platform surveyed nearly 500 SEO specialists about their professional experiences with not surprising results: 80% of them are concerned algorithm changes will affect their career.

Google algorithm rules and regulations have long been the determining factors in search optimization. So, it’s not surprising that so many people working in SEO feel that these changes might directly and gravely affect them. Almost 73% of participants consider algorithm changes will affect the SEO industry and 65% feel that their clients will be the ones affected.

Surprisingly, 45% of SEO specialist in the survey felt their jobs were secure, while nearly a quarter described their current positions as precarious.

Even when you are playing fair, in the wake of a significant Google algorithm update, you can find your organic traffic cut, or your website penalized. That being said, the study shows almost 40% of the participants used unethical SEO tactics at one point.

You can find more about the “State of SEO: Exploring SEO fears and predictions” on the Best SEO Companies website.

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