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A couple of days ago I found out about a new and interesting project developed here in Romania: The online publication will follow technology startups and it’s aimed at providing comprehensive information and analysis about the entrepreneurial initiatives in our country. – the brain-child of Mihai Seceleanu, Liviu Dumitrașcu și Daniel Tatar (who 11 years ago were launching InternetCorp, publisher WALL-, with the editorial coordination of Vlad Andriescu (former tech editor on Adevarul), wishes to become an important link in the Romanian online ecosystem.

Starting this week, its readers can find out:

  • were investment funds are spending their money this fall,
  • why has a famous startup founder sold his expensive car,
  • and what can be hiding behind a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Directly addressing people in the industry, will try to bring out the stories of Romanian investors and entrepreneurs beyond its title such as: “Steve Jobs of Romania” or “Future Mark Zuckerberg”:


“I don’t think the field should be treated with sensationalism, nor should journalists put greater pressure on the founders of young companies, giving them the superlative. I am counting on realism, even if not cynicism, “said Vlad Andriescu, editor

The founders also announced their intention to open a HUB (an unconventional work space) for startups and freelancers in the technology business, as well as providing other challenges with the same purpose: to crystallize more components of an ecosystem in training.

Personally, I wish them good luck and hope to see more and more such endeavors. Do you want to wish them something? How about leaving a comment here ????

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