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Social media is a dynamic and ever changing environment, where you have to constantly adapt your strategy if you want to stay relevant as a brand. Social channels are going through a continuous transformation process, new ones appearing, almost overnight, and users’ consumption habits are changing significantly as new generations become more and more active and vocal. Not to mention that video is becoming essential to any content plan, but, at the same time, it has to be impactful and relevant to the audience. All of these and much more will be discussed at this year’s edition of Social Media Summit, which will be taking place Thursday, January 5th, at the CEC Palace.

There will be a host of influential online figures and skilled professionals attending and I’m eager to listen to the subjects they will be debating. Just to mention a few:

  • Cristian Botan – Former Communication Officer of the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest,
  • Lucian Mîndruță – Founder,,
  • Ciprian Susanu – Owner & General Manager, Digital Dare,
  • Georgiana Ionescu – Vlogger, Ioneasca,
  • Millo Simulov – Director film, screenwriter and producer,
  • Arnold Vieriu – Head of Social Media, Tribal Worldwide,
  • Mugur Pătrașcu – Founder, Screen Native
  • and many more.

Looking forward to seeing what are the social media trends that will be shaping 2020, what are some of the most effective strategies to promote a brand on social media and discuss which of last year’s campaigns were the most successful and why.

The event is open to all communication specialists from companies and PR agencies, marketing and sales people, but also bloggers.

Check out details about the program and speakers on the event website:

Let me know in the comment section which panel from the program has peeked your interest.

Photo by Samuel Pereira on Unsplash

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