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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an infographic and this one is very educational so pay attention. The infographic of the week is from our friends at WordStream, and it focuses on how to use Google Adwords. So let’s dig in!

They’ve set up 11 steps to success and before I’m going to share the graph, let’s talk a bit about each:

  1. Establish account goals – figure about what will be the purpose of your ads;
  2. Determine audience – learn all you can about the people you are targeting;
  3. Conduct keyword research – discover that sweet spot between high traffic – low competition and commercial intent;
  4. Set budget and bids – figure out how to spend your budget
  5. Structure account – keep your campaigns in order
  6. Write killer ads – use all your ad knowledge to create attractive ads
  7. Design great landing pages – follow the newest trends in design and development
  8. Implement conversion tracking – link to your Google Analytics
  9. Grow remarketing lists – keep an eye on clients that don’t buy your product or service from the first visit
  10. Routine optimization – test your campaigns and tweak them in order to get the best results
  11. Make a profit ????

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