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These days, businesses are under more pressure than ever to impress customers right away as the number of websites and apps on the internet grows. If a user visits your website and encounters slow-loading pages, clumsy navigation, or errors, they will most likely leave and never return.

Based on analytics data and internet tool statistics, experts have found that in 2022,t user experience (UX) is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a website. I’ve selected some of the most interesting facts about the advantages of good UX, the consequences of bad experience on navigation and page retention and some differences between how generations view navigation on the internet.

UX statistics: The advantages of good  user experience

UX statistics: The consequences of bad UX

  • 75% of consumers judge the credibility of a website based on its appearance.
  • If they have one negative experience with a brand they like, 32% of users will abandon it.
  • 39% of users will leave if images take too long to load.
  • 62% of customers say they tell others about bad experiences.
  • If they don’t like the content, 79% of users will leave and go to a competitor.


UX statistics about loading time

Millennials & Gen XZ & Baby Boomers UX Statistics

  • UX design that is highly personalized and intuitive is preferred by Gen Z users.
  • Millennials are extremely familiar with technology and have a low tolerance for anything that does not function properly. 
  • 70% of Gen Z expects websites to intuitively know what they want.
  • The ease of use is the primary reason that 54% of millennials prefer shopping apps to websites.
  • 61% of millennials are willing to share personal information in exchange for a more personalized in-store or online shopping experience.

User experience is an important part of brand building because it helps to establish a relationship with the site’s audience. According to UX statistics, the majority of people will leave bad UX websites right away. If, on the other hand, they have a positive experience with a website or app, they will tell others about it.

The value of user experience cannot be overstated, and the UX statistics I just reviewed prove it. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a successful business, investing in UX testing is always a good idea. 

Don’t know where to begin? No worries, I’m here to assist you.

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