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Since we all had a long vacation in august, I’m glad to announce that Webstock 2014 extends its registration date, for all awards categories, until the 4th of September.

Each year I’m excited to attend Webstock and keep my fingers crossed for some of my friends who participate Webstock Awards.

Last time it was Ivo Bobal and his project. Also Provocarile Experimentalist from Kubis Interactive and Bogdan Dascalescu with the amazing trip in the search of Aurora Borealis. All got high prizes for their projects.

This year it may seem that not everyone was paying attention to competition deadline. So the amazing guys from Webstock are ready to extend the project enrollment date until the 4th of September. You can submit your ideas to one of 12 categories:

  • Publishing
  • Utility
  • Visual
  • Blogging Campaigns
  • Special Projects
  • Facebook Applications
  • Bloggers Projects
  • Mobile applications
  • Corporate Blogs

So, if you are interested, for more details go to the Webstock 2014 website.

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