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Each year, when summer starts, the number of cars stuck in the Bucharest traffic gets cut in half. And that’s probably the best thing for us, the people that just can’t take a break! Working for your dreams is a full time job, so many of my friends and co-workers have to survive the hottest days of summer in the office. But maybe this year will be different, since Impact Hub Bucharest is opening a special office in Vama Veche.

One thing you guys know about me is that I love Impact Hub Bucharest. It has become not only my office, but a place I can relax, have fun and plan my future. It’s the place that every day gives me confidence I can take my dreams further and further.

The thing you probably don’t know about me is that I’m very passionate about the Romanian sea side and especially Vama Veche. It’s the ideal vacation spot for those who want to party all night long, camp on the beach and still have some money in their pockets for the ticket back home.

Imagine my enthusiasm when two of the things I love the most unite in an effort to make our office summer days fun! So, starting on the 7th of August, the Hub team will recreate our amazing work environment and atmosphere in Expirat, Vama Veche. With tons of events, workshops and networking chances, anyone can get into the Impact Hub groove.

Write an email to your client with your toes in the sand. Have a Skype meeting while you sip a cocktail.Or sign a partenership contract and then go for a swim.

More information about the project on the Impact Hub Bucharest website. (Also, help make everything possible and get some awesome rewards).

I’m going to be there. Who wants to join?

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