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On the 13th of July I’ve attended Instacamp, the first conference in Romania solely dedicated to the instagram community. Sponsored by Haagen-Dazs and created by Evensys, Instacamp was a very successful blend between Webstock and a fresh infusion of #INSTAGOOD.

As conference ambasador, I’ve arrived quite early so I wouldn’t miss any of the speakers. During the day all the participants learned new and interesting things, but also discovered just how big the Instagram community really is here. Below I’ve tried to point out some of the things that I got to write down during Instacamp:

  • The key elements of any account are: finding your niche, the overall esthetic of the account, a bio that wows people and having a good posting schedule.
  • Once you find your niche, stick with it! It’s not enough to post selfies and pictures of your food – you must find a niche and dedicate your account to it. Only this way you will be able to gather a well knitted community.
  • InstaStories is life! This is where you will actually find the most diverse offer of content creators. Also, it has a better reach than Facebook stories and a better monitoring system.
  • Find the apps that will make your life easier. This is what I want to learn more about: A Color Story, Quick, Prime app, Hashy app and Unfold.
  • Spy you competition – follow closely what other accounts on the same niche are doing and try to learn what makes them successful. See if what they use will work on your account as well (either different length descriptions or a wide variety of tags)
  • Last but not least: don’t waste a chance to use hashtags. You are allowed to add as many as 30 in a post, so experiment with them. Either use ones you know will work or maybe try to create a personalized one (ex: #agatitCeriza :D)

Overall, the first Instacamp edition was very well received. I’m now waiting for no. #2.

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