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Are you a social impact business? Or do you know someone that works on this type of business model? Because Chiavas is looking to award business people that invest their time of the well-being of others. Welcome to: Chivas the Venture!

This year Romania is among the countries participating to Chivas the Venture – the global entrepreneurial competition aimed at social impact businesses. Romanian companies will compete with businesses from around the wold, in the race for 1 million dollars.

The best business ideas will be facing an amazing local jury, that will select the teams going to the international competition. The winners will get a 5.000 euro prize, the opportunity to learn more about their business in an Business Accelerator in Los Angeles, US. In the end they will face off with other teams at Chivas the Venture in Shanghai.

So if you have a social impact business, go to and fill in the form until the end of October. Or, if you know someone who fits the description send their credetials at so they can be contacted and encouraged to join The Venture.

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