With all the things happening in Romania this month, it’s hard to find time for yourself, and even harder to have fun. But I’m glad to be part of a community that shares the good and the bad, and by organizing offline meetings of the “online people”, we find moments, at least briefly, to be happy again.

Last Saturday, I attended the 9th edition of the already famous Bloggers LAN Party. Hosted at Impact HUB, #blpa9 was sponsored by HTCDigi NetMavenHutBitdefender AntivirusBlizzardASUSNative BoxCalif & UBER.

It was a full day of board-games (my Exploding Kittens was well used), computer games (Starcraft 2 – Legacy of the Void), Play Station 4 games (Guitar Hero, Mortal Kombat X/FIFA 16) and smartphone games (Heartstone).

I also made a tiny intro video, something to better my skills at using iMovie and GoPro. Enjoy!

Photo by Muhammad Toqeer on Unsplash

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