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I’ve been going to Webstock since 2012 and, honestly, it’s the kind of conference you don’t want to miss. There’s a lot of interesting info on social media, of course, but, most of all, you get to meet with almost everybody in the online industry in Romania. From bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs to agencies and big companies, everybody who has even the smallest connection to online, social media and digital marketing is present. 

This year, the conference focuses on 3 main topics: content marketing, visual marketing and, of course, influencer marketing. There are a lot of interesting speakers taking the stage and you can see who exactly they are here. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Therese Hydén, the Swedish Ambassador in Romania – the Swedish embassy has one of the coolest social media pages I’ve seen lately from a public institution. Also, I’m curious what famous  vloggers Shelly and Mircea Bravo will bring to the discussion, and particularly interested in the whole session There is a revolution in the Content is kingdom. Last, but not least, proud to have my friend Alin Pandaru as a speaker in the Visual Communication: How to Consistently Create Engaging Social Media Videos session. There are many more interesting debates going on, be sure to check out the whole agenda

An important part of Webstock is also the awards ceremony, recognizing the most creative and innovative online campaigns. This edition, I must admit I’m rooting for:

But, may the best campaigns win! 

Hope to see you this Friday, on the 4th of October, at the Marriott Hotel! Don’t forget to check back after the conference, I’ll be sure to do a blog article on some of the interesting highlights of the event.

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