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A lot of interesting events are going on in Bucharest during the cold months. Autumn and winter are two of my favorite seasons, and it’s definitely not because of the weather (that part I hate). It’s because this is the perfect time to attend a lot of conferences, grow your network and present your services or products to a wider audience. 

So if you are a business owner or a marcom professional, get ready to take notes.

Events you can’t miss out on in Bucharest this fall

Companies are now dealing with an informed and involved consumer who expects brands to act ethically and sustainably. Being up to date with the latest news and trends from the industry could prove vital in retaining clients. 

So, make sure you don’t miss the events listed below. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of things that you can put into practice later:

  • 7 October – Webstock, JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest & Live streaming – Webstock is without a doubt one of Romania’s largest online and social media events. It has always been my most anticipated event of the year, a gathering place for bloggers, influencers, and marcom specialists (most of them friends). Also, the Webstock Awards Gala honors the best local digital projects completed in the previous year.
  • 11 October – Social Pedia 42, Monarch Restaurant – The power of online communities. “Community” is the word of the year 2022. The rise of social media has resulted in greater transparency and access to information. And businesses, brands, and content creators have shifted their communication from a monologue in which followers simply accept messages to a dialogue with and within the online communities that have formed around them.
  • 25 October – Biz PR Conference & Awards 2022, Sheraton Hotel & Facebook Live – The conference dedicated to PR and digital communication. You will learn about the new role of public relations in a constantly changing business world, as well as how strategies can be rethought in real time while maintaining business resilience in the medium and long term.
  • 26 October – The Freelancers, online edition – Find out if a career as a freelancer, entrepreneur or employee suits you better.
  • 27 October – VKRS 2023 – Video Killed the Radio Star (Video Festival), Facebook Live – VKRS is the first video festival that aims to show how video production can help your career, personal branding, and sales by utilizing the latest trends in an effective way.
  • 21-25 November – Biz Days, Sheraton Hotel  – An event about entrepreneurship, innovation, management, media, marketing & CSR. You will hear stories about business successes and failures, life lessons that can change your business destiny and help you understand which direction you need to go.
  • 22 November – Brand Power Summit, JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest – Leadership conference in communication and marketing. Be aware of the new strategies of some recognized brands and successful companies!
  • 25 November – Marketing B2B,  JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest – Learn about the useful tools, promotion methods, and trends in B2B marketing.

Events you can’t miss out in Bucharest this winter

As the days get shorter and colder, we still have a couple of events to look forward to. My top picks are ideal for those interested in trends and the value of positive growth.

  • 14 December – Top Performers Romania, live on the Biz Facebook page – Biz awards the Romanian economy’s champions, the companies that have shown positive growth  not only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of efficiency, financial discipline, and profitability. If you’re curious, here are the top 10 social brands of 2022. 
  • 09-10 February – TaxEU Forum, JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest – The event provided solutions for the legislative and fiscal challenges of 2023, highlighting legislative changes and their effects on Romania’s fiscal environment.
  • 23 February – Big Idea Conference, JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest – Everything you need to know about the latest marketing and advertising trends.

As you see there are a lot of events in Bucharest this cold season, so your calendar will be full until Christmas. If you become aware  If you hear about any other business events happening this autumn and winter, please tell me all about them in the  comments so that I can update the list.


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